Start with relationships

Relationships with yourself, others and your surroundings (people, animals, plants, all life bacteria included, places, the whole planet.) What do you feel at ease with? What unsettles you? What are you drawn towards. What do you retreat or run from?

How big is your circle? Consider interdependence, your connections.

Examine your inner and outer worlds.

Are relationships with (X) better than ownership of (X)? Can you let go?

Where X is {self, partner, family, people, things, plants, animals, land, nature}. Do you feel connected to other living things?

Remember that everything changes, nothing stays the same. If we step into a river, we can never do exactly the same thing again. We will have changed and the river will have changed. We can try to make things better, or worse or pretend to do nothing. How many atoms of the you from 20 years ago are still you? Where are they, your blood, bone, skin.... from the past?

Relationships 3 generations