Promoting Sustainabilty

Promoting ‘Sustainability’ in popular culture

Is there a sense of 'Ubiquitous Greening’?

A range of motives, from diverse contexts such as:

Socially Responsible Investment e.g. Friends Provident Stewardship Funds & Jupiter Guide to Green Investing, in depth analysis of past 20 years.

Ethical Awards Ethical Awards.

Government eco-initiatives in all areas.

Some big business groups moving towards zero carbon and carbon neutral policies

Conscience salving carbon off-setting with uncertain but potential benefits

Organic “Fairtrade” own brand goods in supermarkets

Ecological Intelligence & Radical Transparencey. Daniel Goleman on Oprah!

Triodos and the Co-operative Bank offering greener financial services and rejecting unethical investment.

Numerous NGOs linking together for G8 & G20 interventions and Jubilee Debt campaign. "Clipping the Vulture's Wings". Oxfam's "Get Involved" with "Ideas from the street" and "Green Grannies".

In short there is a growing feeling of interconnectedness and coming together in a way which could only be dreamed about thirty years ago.

The Natural Step    Environmental Practice at Work

Micro Finance schemes such as Kiva

Promoting Sustainability in Popular Culture