Start from where you are

How did you get to this spot in your life?


Where are you in time (age, game plan, career, family, hopes and dreams)? Draw a Time Line. Put in ups and downs, past, present and future. Assess your direction.


What of the space where you live, work and play. Your street, home, room? [Google Earth]

Consider your environment. How can you improve it? Try small changes which make a big difference. Do you have a sense of place? Heimat? Where do you feel at home? Is it a building, secret place, community, with friends or ... ?


What of your own interests? How do you view ESD or E4S or GC or Environmental Education or Development Education? [see glossary and John Huckle's website] Why bother with sustainability? Does Sustainable Descent or Sustainable Decline make more sense than Sustainable Development?.

If I were you I wouldn’t start from here! [Stirling 4 positions/viewpoints] in a recent editorial. Business as usual, advocacy, liberal & cultural change.

Here is where I am.

Thinking about the future