OSIER (Open Sustainability In Education Resource)

URL http://osier.ac.uk/
Summary Find and share ideas and resources on the teaching of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

OSIER (Open Sustainability In Education Resource)

Find and share ideas and resources on the teaching of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship.

The OSIER project (Open Sustainability in Education Resource) is concerned with the open sharing of resources for the teaching of sustainable development and global citizenship. It forms part of the second round of the HEFCE-funded UK OER programme, administered jointly by the Higher Education Academy and the Joint Information Systems Committee.

With its academic partners, OSIER will build an online repository containing a large body of teaching and support resources to help with the sustainability and citizenship curricula in all four nations of the UK. The repository is open for all users, both to access materials and for submission of new resources. All materials will be fully accessible and re-usable, and made available under a Creative Commons licence.

What are OERs?

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are resources for learning and teaching that are made freely available to users. Although they are copyright material, they are licensed to the academic community for use under specified conditions. These may include restrictions on commercial use or the option to modify the resources. However, the resources are shared across the community, and can be used freely.

About the Repository

The repository site has been purpose-built to allow users to share open educational resources. By providing freely-licensed OERs, the OSIER project will:

  • Offer teacher-educators a valuable bank of resources to support their teaching and their students’ learning.
  • Provide teacher-educators and researchers with examples of best practice.
  • Stimulate new approaches to the teaching of ESD.
  • Allow the re-use and re-purposing of resources, thereby extending their value outside their original context.