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Essays on Ecologically Sustainable Educational Reforms

31 December 2009

Here is information about a new online book from Chet Bowers that looks very interesting. It can be downloaded directly here:

Many thanks to Chet for making so much of his work freely available.

Announcing a new online book

"Essays on Ecologically Sustainable Educational Reforms."

It may be downloaded as part of the cultural
commons by going to

Essays on Ecologically Sustainable Educational Reforms

Chapter 1 Making the Transition from Individual to Ecological Intelligence: The Challenge Facing Curriculum Theorists

Chapter 2 The Limitations of the Daniel Goleman/Wal-Mart View of Ecological Intelligence

Chapter 3 The Hidden Roots of Cultural Colonization in Teaching English as a Second Language

Chapter 4 Reflections on Teaching the Course “Curriculum Reform in an Era of Global Warming”

Chapter 5 University Reforms that Contribute to the Revitalization of the Cultural Commons

Chapter 6 The Environmental Ethic in Three Theories of Evolution

Chapter 7 Educating for a Sustainable Future: Mediating Between the Commons and Economic Globalization

Chapter 8 The Imperialistic Agenda of Moacir Gadotti’s Eco-Pedagogy

Google C. A. Bowers for online
articles and the EcoJustice Press