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"Building our common future" - at a glance latest DFID White paper

8 July 2009

Development works. The UK has been at the forefront of international efforts which have helped lift record numbers of people out of poverty in recent years. Real incomes in the developing world have doubled. Two-thirds of countries are now classified as electoral democracies. Child mortality has almost halved and the number of children in developing countries out of school dropped by 28 million.

So the UK government commits to:

On sustainable growth

  • helping 50 million poor people through the global downturn
  • pressing for a fair deal on trade
  • trebling efforts to freeze and recover stolen assets
  • delivering our commitment to double agricultural research
  • helping 15 countries grow their economies through support from an International Growth Centre
  • investing £1 billion for African regional development

On climate change

  • pressing for ambitious & equitable global Copenhagen deal with additional public finance
  • setting up a Climate Change Knowledge Network
  • new trans boundary water initiatives
  • setting ambitious renewable energy targets for multilateral investment
  • delivering £800m for climate mitigation, adaptation and innovation
  • piloting affordable insurance for the poor

On peaceful states and societies

  • at least half of new UK bilateral aid will focus on conflict affected and fragile states
  • tripling investment on security and justice
  • new economic opportunities for 7.5m people in five major fragile countries
  • investing in more effective UN support for peacebuilding
  • joint UK government strategies in fragile countries
  • 1,000 civilians ready to be sent to countries affected by conflict

While keeping our promises

  • dedicating 0.7% of GNI to aid by 2013
  • half of future UK direct support to go to public services
  • supporting 8m in school in Africa by 2010 & launch new education strategy
  • save 6 million mothers and babies by 2015 through supporting a new international consensus to accelerate progress on mother and newborn health
  • giving higher priority to tackling malnutrition and launch a new nutrition strategy by end 2009

Changing international institutions

  • increasing spend on international institutions as they successfully reform
  • more money through UN system subject to performance
  • pushing for the creation of a new, powerful UN agency for women
  • pressing for EU to create single Commissioner for Development & focus re-prioritise resources to fragile states
  • pressing for better governance and performance of World Bank, IMF & regional development banks
  • increasing support for UN emergency response funds to meet growing humanitarian demands

Changing the way we deliver

  • increase aid transparency & independent evaluation
  • establishing joint HMG teams in key emerging economies
  • doubling central support to civil society
  • introducing a new aid logo
  • supporting 30 new businesses to boost employment through a new Business Innovation Facility
  • increasing support for innovative financing for health.