Henry's ESDGC bookmarks Feb 2012

URL http://esd.escalate.ac.uk/bookmarks
Summary bookmark favorite list live

Download my unedited list of bookmarks as a Word Document.


Go to the webpage of bookmarks where you can browse and link directly.

Please note that these bookmarks/favourites have been checked recently, however, are they not complete.

I am in the process of putting more of them on Diigo and they should appear in the Diigo “tag cloud” on the site.

I have re-organised the URLs using AIR, EARTH, FIRE & WATER as I am not happy with the estate management approach of the “8 doorways”.

We need to start with the whole living planet earth, with Gaia, with a whole interdependent system approach, where HUMANS are not at the centre.

Any feedback on this work would be more than welcome.