Henry's Diigo Tag Cloud

URL http://esd.escalate.ac.uk/favorites
Summary Search for stuff using a tag cloud

Use my Diigo Tag Cloud to search for stuff. We've added 150+ sites so far. This will take you to my Diigo list of websites with some annotations and tags. You can then go to the sites or find out who else is interested in the same site and then look at their list of sites ad nauseam.

Also if you are interested in joining the Sustainable Education Group on Diigo just send me an e-mail and I'll invite you. You can add your sites, your comments, highlight sections of anything on the web and attach commnets with a sticky note if you wish.

I'm interested in the potential of Web2.0 applications to help embed Sustainability into the curriculum, so I'm stumbling about at present. Any help or advice would be welcome. I can see benefits from trying to link the Mirandanet Community with the ESDGC Community.

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