"Preparing Britain for the Future" Draft Leglislative Programme 2008 - 20009

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Summary contains Education & Skills Bill, Marine & Coastal ACcess Bill & Community Empowerment

“Preparing Britain for the Future” Draft Legislative Programme for 2008 - 2009

Chapter Three:Summary of bills in the Draft Programme p26

Economic Stability

Banking reform bill p26.

Saving Gateway bill p29.

Business rates supplement bill p31

Marine and coastal access bill p33

Heritage protection bill p36

Making the most of your potential

Education and skills bill p39

Equality bill p43

Welfare reform bill p45

Personalisation and Improvement of Public Services

Policing and crime reduction bill p47

Transport security bill p49

Communications data bill p52

Law reform, victims and witnesses bill p54

Citizenship, immigration and borders bill p57

Coroners and death certification bill p59

National Health Service reform bill p60

Handing back power to the people

Constitutional renewal bill p63

Community empowerment, housing and economic regeneration bill p66

Other Geneva Conventions and United Nations personnel bill p69

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