Dawe Report Executive Summary 2005 SD in HE

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Summary Current Practice and Future Developments

Report Conclusions

This report sets out the current state of progress on embedding ESD in many of the subject disciplines taught within the higher education sector. It also identifies some of the barriers and their resolution. The significance of this report is that it is a reflection of the views of practitioners in the disciplines that make up the HE sector in the UK. Whilst the progress might appear patchy and limited in some important disciplines this research provides evidence of the strong underlying support for more action in support of the embedding process. To this end the report recommends that the Academy and its Subject Centres should strengthen the development of ESD in the following ways:

1. Support and funding should be provided to promote the development of ESD across all subject disciplines in HE, including the dissemination of good practice.

2. Action research should be commissioned to explore the connections between ESD and employability.

3. Action research should be commissioned into whether career opportunities and choices of HE graduates are being influenced by the SD agenda.

4. A stakeholder group should be established comprising employers, professional bodies and graduate careers to identify creative ways of implementing and supportingthe integration of ESD to teaching, learning and the curriculum. The group should betasked to develop a persuasive business case for creating sustainable universities.

Education for sustainable development is an emerging imperative. It represents a major shift in the way students are taught and learn within the higher education sector. It requires a broader and more flexible approach to the development and teaching of academic disciplines.

Much of this change is in line with what graduates will need in an increasingly complex work environment. This is the challenge that the Academy and the Subject Centres it supports should address.