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HEA ESD Project & Project newsletter Highly informative ****

OSIER (Open Sustainability In Education Resource)  Find and share ideas and resources on the teaching of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

What do some students think?  People & Planet, the UK student campaigning organisation working to end world poverty, defend human rights, and protect the environment. Look at the "University Case Studies".

ESDGC TE network Conferences & past presentations

Bradford Eco-versity and Sustainable Schools Network Newsletter

Brighton's COASTAL project & ESD resources

Plymouth University Interactive Sustainability Policy, CSF and CSF Newsletter

Scotland: SDEN (Sustainable Development Education Network)

IDEAS (International Development Education Network of Scotland)

Wales: ESDGC Wales  & WAG-SD joined-up thinking. Sheila Bennell's overview.

Northern Ireland: OFMDFMNI

Ireland (Eire) Ubuntu Network Teacher Education for Sustainable Development Network. 36 Action Research projects listed.

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