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Top 10+ copied below List of sites on OSIER June 2011 launch Global Eye RGS “Make poverty history” Well designed, excellent photos. Pri&Sec  Oxfam site  Cool Planet Kids site  Impressive resources for teachers   Practical Action was ITDG. New material Wildlife films and photos are vital weapons in the battle to save the world's endangered species from the brink of extinction.   Sustainable Technology Education Project KS3 DT   Climate Choices Children’s Voices KS2  Aims to help create a world based on justice, equity and respect for all beings.  WWF site working to put sustainability at the heart of school life.  Go wild site for kids.  An evolving exploration into the head, heart and hands of energy descent  Greener Living on Gov’t site. Good for personal action., fantastic educational site with wide NGO backing & partners.  Profound Wikipedia entry. MUST READ

In Scotland the Sustainable Development Education (SDE) Network and

IDEAS (International Development Education Association of Scotland) are active.

In Wales building well with strong support. HE section sponsored by UCET.

In Ireland (Eire) The Ubuntu Network for Sustainable Development in ITE.

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