Ancient Wisdom

Tens of thousands of years of sustainable life styles are coming to and end. Can we learn from them before it is too late?

Horse head prehistoric Mas d'Azil French Pyrennees

The Mas d'Azil cave in the French Pyrennees has been used as a shelter for 30000 years. {French Mas d'Azil WikiP ref} {French Prehistoric Museum in English} {Megalithic Portal (try aeroplane icons)}

Hunter gatherers like the Koi San who used to live all around the  southern tip of Africa are now confined to the Kalahari Desert. Typically they work for about 13 hours a week in order to subsist. The rest of the time can be spent singing, dancing, story telling, talking, eating or just sitting. How does that compare with our hectic life styles? What is the true cost of our rampant consumerism? Can we learn to be happy with less stuff?

Nomadic herders like the Tuareg. Or the hunters of the great plains in Africa and America who are long gone. All the buffalo shot to make way for the trans continental american railway. What can they tell us about how to change our way of life? Or are they seen as potential converts to Western Christianity (Joshua Project)?

The peasants of Europe, our Anglo-Saxon ancestors or present day small scale mixed farmers of Gascony or Eastern Europe, whose lives revolve around the turning seasons, who are more interested in long term survival of the land, local customs and people than short term financial gain from unreliable surplus. They use local materials for building with mud and river stone and a little lime or daub and wattle, or local timber framed houses with excellent thermal properties. Indigenous Shelters; extensive links.

Seattle (Seathl) Suquamish Chief

Chief Seattle colour painting

How do others see us in the West? Chief Seattle's Testimony, and the questions surrounding its authenticity are revealing for how a speech becomes text and how that text might be used and changed. Considering how recent this was it is easy to see how any writing can become distorted. However, truth can still be found in wise words from the lips of any sage from any age. Kenneth Little Hawk can talk to us now.Kenneth Little Hawk offers Native American wisdom, music and dance in C21st

The Kogi Mamas of Colombia. The Guarani of Argentina.

A TV programme which reversed the usual anthropological direction but not the method, involved 5 Vanuatu Islanders visiting England and spending a week with an Upper class, Middle class and Working class families and recording their experiences and insightful relections on video.

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