There is a significant range of viewpoints of what ESD means and entails.North Point Barbados Animal Flower Cave

North Point Barbados Animal Flower Cave

Some argue for Education for Sustainability, considering 'Development' a 'business as usual' stance.

Gaia Theory (seemingly absent from Gov't ESD sites) and James Lovelock in his recent book 'The revenge of Gaia' move towards a 'Sustainable Retreat', rather than development. Some talk of Sustainable Descent or Decline.

Industry calls for "Long, Loud & Legal".

To help develop a critical informed position we have tried to find "Sustainable Voices" from across the Green Spectrum. There is strength in diversity.

There is much to consider. Should we do something or nothing?

What might that something be?

What educational approaches such as "forest schools" and the Steiner movement might inform the move towards Education for Sustainabilty?

Can the ancient wisdoms help us? The Koi/San of South Africa live a sustainable life style on 14 hours work a week leaving time for story telling, song, dance, talking, eating or just sitting. What of the Australian aboriginals, Chief Seattle's Testimony? Where is our own British & European local subsistence knowledge?

In the first half of C20th Europeans had to make do with less and become more self sufficient. "Don't you know there's a war on?"

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