Global Dimension

Think Global Act Local. Worth thinking about the consequences of our actions. Often hard to know what is best. "Live simply that others may simply live" perhaps. Reducing our consumption and greed for more and more stuff might throw the world into a recession, but doing nothing about trying to rebalance the way we live with the rest of the earth will probably prove fatal for much of humanity. There is a growing movement, but how can we control Globalisation and use it as a force for preservation rather than our extinction. Resurgence is full of hopeful energy.

As before look at the help and support in the National Framework. Here are a few more links.

Global Dimension Websites International Human Rights organisation Development Ed’n Assoc’n promotes education for a just and sustainable world. Also Development Education Project Raising awareness of Global Issues. A hub. Global Eye RGS “Make Poverty History” Well designed, excellent photos. Pri&Sec Christian Aid’s site for 7 – 12 yr olds. Global citizenship. Bringing an International Dimension to Education New Internationalist Magazine. People, ideas, action in the fight for global justice Oxfam site Cool Planet Kids site Impressive resources for teachers Aims to help create a world based on justice, equity and respect for all beings. The Elders: Mandela, Tutu, Branson etcHoping to be an impartial voice. WWF site working to put sustainability at the heart of school   Go Wild site for kids. Fantastic educational site with wide NGO backing & partners. Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

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