Local well-being

Local well-being seems a fundamental principle of many cultures & movements worldwide. Most honour their "sense of place", culture, language and customs. Ecological and cultural diversity appear linked.

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Developing a sense of place.

Start from where you are.

Learn to see, appreciate, protect and care for your surroundings, identify with where you live.

If you study the history, culture, language, customs and farming methods of those people who occupied the land you now live on, you are cultivating a sense of place.

If you observe, the plant and animal life around you, collect (images of) leaves, flowers, insects and small animals, you are cultivating a sense of place.

If you notice where the sun comes up, where it is highest in the sky and where it goes down, watch the clouds, feel the sun, wind and rain on your face, notice the changes brought about by the changing seasons, you are developing a sense of place.

If you find out where your food, water, electricity, clothes… come from and where the waste from all these things goes to, you are developing a sense of many places.

Sitting and watching the waves crash on the beach, or a river flow through the land and past you, or lying on your back watching clouds and birds move across the sky, or at night the stars, moon, shooting stars and satellites overhead, or sitting in or under the protection of a big tree….. you may start to feel part of something bigger than yourself, that you are not really alone, not disconnected from everything around you.

If we didn’t fly and rush around so much maybe our lives would slow down and we might then start to notice the world around us in a different way. Adapted from {Badiner A.H. (ed) 1990 Dharma Gaia Parallax}

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