Food and drink

Good advice and links on TeacherNet site.

Here are a few more FOOD websites Comic Relief, Sport Relief and Fairtrade and Chocolate Ethical Consumer. Active in promoting social responsibility. Fairtrade   Eden Project   Permaculture in UK. Extensive + links.   Plants for a Future Edible, medicinal & useful plants for a healthier world.   Health education starting point in 2000.KS1 site (1 for each KS)   Slow food. Laid back Italian gastronome Carlo Petrini! Helped see off Mac Don£$%s in one town. 'reconnect people and land through local food ­ increasing access to fresh, healthy, local food with clear, traceable origins' Low cost grassroots alternative to organic certification lists "food for free" books.. Raj Patel's insightful web & blog site. Sustainable Food Pri & Sec teaching materials from Yorks & Humberside net. Look at Practical Action videos on growing food to improve quality of life. worth a look. Go to parent website as well.

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